Talking Stick – New Look, New Services, & New Members!

2020 has been an unusual and hard year for many, especially for colleagues that stand with us in the travel sector. While we too have also felt the effects of Covid-19, at Talking Stick Global we have taken this time to focus on some exciting new changes for the business. This has included new brand, new staff and management structures, and new services, offering us a new direction as a business.

When Talking Stick was established in 2006, it purely looked after African clients. Over the years, our success in Africa led to opportunities across the globe, firstly in Latin America, then India and Australasia, and now also the Middle East. As a global business, we felt we needed a global identity. Going forward, we are now trading as Talking Stick Global, this is reflected across our new logo, social media channels, and new website.

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the Talking Stick team has grown with an additional 3 members:

David Reading has joined as Managing Director after a successful career in London and Dubai in the tour operating and 5-star hotel industry. David brings invaluable experience, new ideas, and enthusiasm to the business.

Zoey Strzelecki joins Talking Stick to build a digital marketing arm for the business. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the value of digital in the modern world. Zoey brings a wealth of knowledge in the digital space having worked on major accounts in both the tourism and retail business sectors.

Finally, we have formed a partnership with our old friend and colleague, Niels Van Gijn of Silverless. Niels offers both digital and print design, web design and photographic services.

We believe that this restructuring will add immensely to our marketing and representation services, offering our existing clients and prospective clients a range of new services.

With our talented new team members come new services for our company. We have bought these into the business as we feel they will add the most benefit to our clients, new and future.

Digital marketing – this sector is growing year, after year. Any brand in the modern-day must think of a digital strategy and how they can effectively reach their target audience in the online space. Talking Stick Global can now help clients across SEO, PPC, Paid Social, Social Media, Strategy, Content as well as offering internal training on any of these.

Design – as we see more and more businesses launch every day, it is important to make sure your brand stands out. Effective branding and collateral are crucial to achieving this. We can now help with branding, print & digital design and photography.

Websites – Complimenting both of the above, having a responsive and effective website is crucial in the modern-day. We can offer building, hosting and maintenance of high-quality websites.

Our traditional representation ethos has remained the same, we believe passionately in face-to-face sales calls and building relationships to help boost tourism from the UK to our partner’s lodges, hotels and boats. These new services add, and expand on this offering and will give our clients a well-rounded strategy for boosting sales.

These exciting changes will allow our business to grow and for us to offer more to our clients and partners. If you want to find out more about us or how we can help your business, contact us using the form below or email


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