Our photography brand Silverless over 50 lodges and camps across Africa alone, making us one of the most experienced property photographers in the safari industry. With the advantage of having experience in managing camps, we understand the logistics of working sympathetically with staff and respectfully around guests.

Our knowledge of design and marketing means we shoot film and stills with an in-depth understanding of the final placement; we know what gets used, and what gets shared. We have the technical know-how to set up and light complex architectural shots, and the lightness of touch to set up natural, aspirational model and lifestyle shoots.

Above all, we love the wild world, and we believe that shows in our work.

  • Photos

    Working with each property or project individually, tailoring to their needs and capturing the essence of lifestyle and luxury

  • Editing

    Producing the highest quality finish and presentation of images.


  • Film

    Capturing unique footage for use on all platforms and advertising

  • Content

    Complimenting your film or photography pieces, we can help create relevant, thought-provoking content.


  • Production

    Implementing all aspects into captivating content.